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To all of our fabulous clients, business associates and supporters, we wish you a great Christmas and a successful 2014.

Christmas Office Hours


Our offices will close from noon Friday 20 December 2013, and will re-open Monday 13 January 2014.

A small reminder to our GST clients, that we would appreciate your GST paperwork in as early as possible


Petrol Rebates:

Petrol excise duties increased in July 2013 and will increase again in July 2014 and July 2015.

We remind clients that they are entitled to claim refunds for petrol excise duty, ACC motor levy and
road user charges for off road vehicle use (quad bikes, tractors) . There is no excise duty on diesel so there is no provision for a refund.

Duties on fuel (as at 1 July 2013):
Petrol $0.64105 per litre
CNG $0.0105 per litre
LPG $0.0104 per litre

More information can be obtained from the NZTA website or you can download the MR70 form.

The key point is that this is an on-road vs off-road vehicle test. It is not the business use test that we use for Annual Accounts or GST.

At $0.64105 per litre, the petrol rebate is worth claiming. Farm bikes, particularly quads, use a lot of petrol. Many farmers easily use thousand litres per year. $0.64105 per litre rebate over 2,000 litres generates a $1,282 rebate. This is not a bad reward for good paperwork and quarterly claims.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help.

Timely Reminders


  • Provisional tax payment due 15 January 2014 for March, July or November balance dates, or 28 January 2014 if you have a December balance date
  • Terminal tax payment due 15 January for December balance dates (where filed by us) and for February balance dates (not filed by us)
  • November GST return and payment will be due 15 January 2014 and December GST return and payment due 28 January 2014
  • Interim student loan payments due 15 January 2014
  • Quarterly FBT return and payment due 20 January 2014

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    Live long and prosper

    Craig and the team
    This publication has been carefully prepared, but it has been written in general terms only.  The publication should not be relied upon to provide specific information without also obtaining appropriate professional advice after detailed examination of your particular situation.